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Why do people get divorced as empty-nesters?

On Behalf of | May 1, 2021 | Family Law |

Couples become empty-nesters when their children all leave the family home and head out to lead their own lives. For some, this happens when the kids go to college. For others, it’s after college that the last child gets married or gets their own apartment. 

Either way, becoming empty-nesters could lead you and your spouse to consider divorce. Why does this happen?

Do you wonder why you are still together?

One reason is that you may have stayed together for your children. This is very common, as parents sometimes assume that divorce — even when they’re unhappy — is just too hard for the kids to endure. You may have been wanting to end the marriage for years, but you may have felt that you couldn’t do it until your kids had all grown up. 

Did you forget how to be anything but parents?

Another potential reason is if you and your spouse “forgot” about being a couple and became completely entrenched in the role of being parents. You may not have realized how your own relationship was deteriorating or how you were drifting apart because you were so busy with the kids. Once they were all gone, it may have become very clear to you that the relationship you and your spouse had was no longer what it had once been. 

Are you ready to learn more about your divorce options?

Divorce can be complicated at this stage in life, with significant assets and retirement getting closer. Make sure you carefully consider all of the legal options you have to make it go smoothly. You especially want to focus on your financial assets since child custody is no longer an issue.