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How have knife laws changed in Texas?

On Behalf of | Sep 9, 2021 | Criminal Defense |

Texas is a state with strong legal protections for those who own firearms and other weapons. While many people use knives for sport and their employment in Texas, there are still a few laws that restrict knife possession.

Until recently, Texas had an extensive list of illegal or prohibited knives. Anyone who carried one of the knives on that list in public was at risk of arrest. However, in recent years, the laws regarding knives in Texas have changed. What are the current laws restricting knife ownership and possession in Texas?

There are no longer any illegal knives

Texas state law used to ban certain kinds of knives, including those with long blades. However, this category of illegal blades has been removed from the legal code and replaced with laws about location-restricted knives.

Location-restricted knives are knives with people cannot legally carry in certain specific places Those locations include:

  • Schools and school buses
  • Sporting events
  • Courts
  • Polling places
  • Racetracks
  • Secured sections in airports
  • Some businesses that sell alcohol

Those who carry a knife with a blade longer than five-and-a-half inches in a restricted location could find themselves arrested and possibly facing criminal charges.

What happens if you violate the location-restricted knife laws?

Anyone caught with a knife in a place where they should not be could face a Class C misdemeanor charge. However, if the location where the offense occurred with an educational institution, the charges may increase to 3rd-degree felony. Knowing the knife laws in Texas can help those worried about possible weapons charges.