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Dabs may be trendy, but they are extra risky in Texas

On Behalf of | Oct 4, 2021 | Criminal Defense |

Marijuana users are quick to provide a list of the benefits of using concentrates or extracts instead of the natural-state drug. For example, marijuana concentrates are multiple times stronger than the natural-state version of the drug, meaning that a much smaller amount will have a similar effect on the body. 

Additionally, concentrated marijuana is easier to store and does not always have the overwhelming, lingering tell-tale smell associated with smoked marijuana. There are also the possible health benefits of vaporizing rather than smoking the concentrates. 

Marijuana extracts or dabs have become very popular, especially among those who use marijuana unofficially to treat serious medical conditions like epilepsy. Many modern marijuana users have started doing dabs, but trying a dab in Texas could be a very risky decision.

Texas has separate penalties for concentrated marijuana

Many states treat the possession of marijuana concentrates in the same way that they treat natural-state marijuana products. However, Texas has separate penalties and charges for marijuana in its natural state and marijuana in a concentrated state. 

The possession of any amount of a marijuana extract, even the residue on a storage container or a special pipe, sometimes called a rig used to consume the concentrate, could be enough to result in a felony charge. 

Given that you cannot consume cannabis extracts through simple smoking and methods, those who dab are at increased risk of facing secondary charges due to the possession of paraphernalia. Although state lawmakers did move to change these rules earlier this year, their efforts were ultimately unsuccessful. 

Understanding the penalties and charges associated with a drug offense in Texas can help you avoid getting into serious legal trouble or help you devise a better plan to defend yourself.