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How to make divorce mediation successful experience

On Behalf of | May 1, 2024 | Family Law |

If divorce is on the cards, spouses have numerous options available to them. One option is to have a highly-litigated divorce that could be filled with conflict. These types of divorces are typically lengthy and expensive. Another option that couples have is to try divorce mediation. 

Mediation can be highly beneficial for couples who are interested in pursuing an efficient and equitable divorce, with as little stress as possible. The process takes place in a less formal environment than the courtroom and the schedule of mediation sessions can usually be flexible. However, the final decisions made in mediation are still legally binding. 

How can divorcing couples ensure that mediation is a successful experience? 

Spouses should be on the same page 

Mediation relies on cooperation. Both spouses should enter the process with genuine intentions to reach amicable agreements. If one or both spouses is disinterested in giving it a try, then they are setting themselves up for failure. 

Setting priorities beforehand 

It is highly unlikely that either spouse walks away with everything they want in any type of divorce. Thus, it’s important that spouses set their priorities before entering the mediation process. Some individuals find it helpful to write an itemized list in order of priorities. This can help to identify less negotiable areas and areas where there may be room for compromise. 

A less emotional approach 

Another key factor in increasing the chances of a successful divorce mediation includes separating emotional factors from practical factors. Mediation isn’t a time to go back over old arguments and get to the bottom of them. It is a time for spouses to try and come together and focus on the practical aspects of the divorce. Thinking of mediation as a business negotiation can help with this. 

Mediation is a legal process, and having the appropriate guidance on your side is another pivotal aspect in making it successful.