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Financial differences could cause divorce

On Behalf of | Jun 14, 2024 | Family Law |

You’ve probably heard someone say that financial issues led to their divorce. But you may assume that what they mean is that they ran into financial hardship. As a couple, they didn’t have enough money to make ends meet, and this created a lot of stress that eventually ended the marriage.

That certainly may be what they mean, as this does happen to many couples. It also is true that financial problems are one of the main reasons why people get divorced. But the root cause of the divorce could be as simple as having different financial perspectives.

When your spouse harms your financial interests

What happens is that people sometimes feel like their spouse is actively harming their own financial interests. The reason why is that they have different perspectives on money, which may not be very compatible. 

A good example of this is in when one person really values saving their money. They work hard at putting money aside, investing, cutting expenses and planning for the future. This is not just something that is important to them; it’s a significant part of their worldview. They put a lot of energy into it. 

However, they may have a spouse who is naturally a spender. This person will make frivolous purchases and impulsive decisions. They value their experiences more than saving. 

This isn’t to say that this spouse is necessarily wrong; they just have a different perspective on how they want to use money. But when both spouses are working against each other in this way, it can cause a lot of marital stress and potentially a divorce.

If you and your spouse decide to get divorced, especially if there are serious financial questions or conflicts, be sure you understand all of your legal options.