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Dedicated, Compassionate Criminal Defense

Each and every one of us makes mistakes. Sometimes those mistakes have little to no consequence. Sometimes those mistakes go unnoticed. And sometimes those mistakes just happen at the wrong place at the wrong time.

At her firm, CB Sullivan Law Firm, P.C., principal Claudia B. Sullivan understands the nature of the human condition. After all, to err is human. She offers truly personal counsel and representation if you are facing criminal charges in Angleton or the surrounding area.

Representing Many Types Of Charges

When you want personalized, direct attorney representation, turn to Claudia B. Sullivan. She will tackle your case with tenacity and determination and will be by your side from the first meeting until the final resolution. She can help with:

  • Child protective services issues and domestic violence in divorce
  • Drug- and alcohol-related offenses
  • Juvenile cases and “directive” sentencing issues
  • Theft
  • Texas DWI
  • Misdemeanor charges including assault
  • Drug and sex charges including felonies

Any criminal charge should be taken seriously and vigorously defended. Claudia will help you understand what the charges entail, how best to protect your rights and the criminal defense roadmap.

Expunction And Nondisclosure

Many people believe that juvenile charges or misdemeanor charges don’t really count and won’t follow them their whole lives. It can be a rude awakening to find that more often than not these charges do linger on one’s record. There are two strategies to lessen the negative impact of a charge.

Expunction is when the court dismisses a charge. The record of the conviction does not disappear completely, but is more or less set aside or “sealed.” This means you no longer have to acknowledge the charge. An expunction can happen months or years after the initial charge or arrest.

Nondisclosure is a court order. It does not erase the charge but prevents the court and law enforcement agencies from disclosing some criminal records

Attaining an expunction or nondisclosure may open up job and housing opportunities. A juvenile or the juvenile’s parents or guardian may want to seek either of these so that the youth is able to pursue scholarships and academic opportunities.

Find Out More About Your Defense Options

Contact Claudia Sullivan at CB Sullivan Law Firm, P.C., to learn more about the protections available to you. You can also send Claudia an email at the firm. Call 888-554-6370.Your call or email is completely confidential.