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Getting Through Texas Probate And Will Updates

Losing a loved one is never easy. The grief process can cause decision-making to feel overwhelming. Sometimes, it is difficult to “think straight” and stay on top of tasks. If your loved one died without a will, or “intestate,” this can complicate the probate process.

Attorney Claudia B. Sullivan understands the emotional stress of the Texas probate process and is here to lighten your burden and ensure a smoother process. As the principal of CB Sullivan Law Firm, P.C., in Angleton, Claudia offers one-on-one, personalized probate and simple will guidance and representation.

When All You Need Is A Simple Will

A will is a relatively simple document to create and file. In a last will and testament, you designate who will inherit your belongings. You can also detail who should raise your children (guardianship) if the unthinkable happens. A more complete will includes a health care proxy designation and a power of attorney designation.

  • A health care proxy is the person who makes medical decisions for you should you become unable to.
  • A power of attorney or POA is the person who makes financial decisions and transactions on your behalf should you become unable to.

Claudia can update, modify or revoke an existing will. She is adept at offering guidance and making changes to specific items in the will in a codicil. She can also provide vital guidance on Texas guardianship issues.

What To Update During A Divorce

Divorce can impact an estate plan and may even lead to a future will contest or dispute. It is also important during this time to update whom you designate as your health care proxy and financial power of attorney. Decisions will also need to be made official regarding what will happen to your children if you divorce. Making these updates or creating a simple will is crucial during or right after a divorce or other major life event. Claudia B. Sullivan offers professional guidance in these matters.

Get Exactly The Type Of Help You Need

Claudia understands how important family matters are. She will give your issue the focus and attention it needs and deserves. Call 888-554-6370 and have a conversation with her about what you’re facing and what type of help you need. You can also send Claudia a brief message and your contact information, and she will be in touch. Serving the needs of clients in Angleton as well as Harris, Brazoria and Fort Bend counties.