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Is your co-parent subjecting your child to parental alienation?

On Behalf of | May 18, 2021 | Family Law |

Many relationships don’t end on good terms. One partner may want to get back together with their ex when the other has decidedly moved on with their life. A parent may not be happy with how much child support they’re getting or having to pay. What starts as small issues can snowball into much larger ones quickly.

Parental alienation is one example of how much things can deteriorate. You could wind up without any custody rights. There are signs to look for that can help you determine if things have progressed to this level.

What is parental alienation and how can you spot it?

Any attempt a parent makes to turn their child against their other parent may be parental alienation. Parents may go about doing this in one of a few different ways.

A mom or dad may tell their child falsehoods about how their co-parent feels about them or blame them for the end of the marriage. A parent may also make unfounded allegations of child abuse or domestic violence against their ex.

Children subjected to parental alienation tactics will start to show signs of distress, including acting out in school and expressing a strong disdain for their other parent. Many parents who identify these behaviors have their child see a therapist. The child may reveal the root of their feelings in these sessions, which can provide evidence that parental alienation is indeed at play.

What can you do if your ex is engaging in parental alienation?

It can be devastating when you feel like your connection with your child is slowly deteriorating due to their subjection to parental alienation. It’s critical to stop this situation right away. The more time that passes, the longer it will take to unravel the damage done.

Convincing a judge to modify a parenting plan isn’t always easy. An experienced family attorney can help you strengthen and present your case.