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Does the second divorce differ from the first?

On Behalf of | Apr 9, 2024 | Family Law |

Going through a divorce can be stressful, but going through such an experience again can intensify your stress. Some people believe a second divorce is easier, while others think it’s more complicated. How do they differ?

Here is what to know:

It can be both easier and more difficult

A second divorce may be more manageable since you have already gone through the process. Your first divorce may have been complicated because while you were devastated about your marriage ending, you were trying to learn about legal processes, the right people to hire, how to value your assets, and so on. A second divorce may be more straightforward because you are more informed about these matters. 

Nonetheless, a second divorce can be more complicated because the circumstances in your life may have changed. For example, it may involve children if you didn’t have any in your first marriage. Or you may now be dealing with multiple children from your current and previous marriages.

Further, in most cases, a second divorce happens when one has accumulated more assets. This means your property division process may be different. 

Additionally, if in your first divorce, the court determined that your ex-spouse was eligible to receive maintenance and they determine so during this divorce, you may end up paying maintenance to two spouses. Therefore, financial difficulties may be more during a second divorce.

Emotional challenges may also intensify during a second divorce. Accepting that dissolving a second marriage is the best decision may not be easy.

What should you do? 

Even though a second divorce can be different, you can have a smooth experience if you are as prepared as you were the first time. You should also get legal help to avoid costly mistakes.