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What should you know if divorcing with a special needs child?

On Behalf of | Sep 24, 2023 | Family Law |

Divorce is challenging for all parents but can be especially difficult for those who have children with special needs. You have overwhelming issues to consider. Chief among them are matters involving your kids.

All parents try to consider their children when divorcing, but overlooking even small issues when they have special needs can spell disaster. You need information to make wise decisions, and here are a few things all parents with special kids should know if a divorce is imminent.

Understand the terminology

For decades, states generally referred to court orders regarding a child’s residence and time allowance with the other parent as child custody and visitation. Many regions have changed the terminology used for this process.

In Texas, conservatorship is the proper legal term for child custody. Those who parent special needs children need to know exactly what the terminology used by courts means.

Understand your expenses

You know that caring for and providing for special children can be expensive. However, do not rely on generalizations when discussing child support before a family court. Instead, give the judge detailed information about your child-related expenses.

Consider obtaining documentation to back up your bid for child support. For example, healthcare records and invoices can help demonstrate the costs of raising a special needs child.

Understand medical support

When parents get divorced, it could interrupt healthcare insurance coverage for their children. As you might imagine, this could be devastating if you have a child who requires specialized medical care.

In Texas, parents must provide medical support for their kids when divorcing. Give this matter extra attention to ensure your support sufficiently addresses medical support in the form of insurance or cash.

With the health and well-being of your child at stake, consider seeking legal guidance to ensure their and your rights remain secure when divorcing in Texas.