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Why do so many divorces turn turbulent? Three common culprits

On Behalf of | Feb 17, 2024 | Family Law |

The path to divorce rarely resembles a scenic stroll in the country. While bumps are to be expected, some divorce journeys become outright tumultuous and entangled in conflict and emotion.

Anticipating potential problems can empower you to address and manage them with greater confidence. To prepare you for a messy or rough divorce, it can help to know what can cause them to become that way.

Your personalities may clash

If you and your spouse clashed frequently in married life, you can probably expect the same in divorce. Discussions between high-conflict personalities can ignite even minor disagreements into raging disputes. Finding compromises becomes an uphill battle, potentially prolonging the divorce and amplifying stress.

Your assets may be entangled

Texas follows the community property standard in marital asset distribution. These laws are pretty straightforward, but property division can still be complicated, especially with deeply commingled assets. Untangling your finances can become a knotty affair, and your shared mission to obtain a fair property settlement can morph into a power struggle.

Custody and parenting disagreements

As you may know, there is a chance that your divorce could have a negative impact on your kids. Naturally, you may be concerned about minimizing the fallout for your kids. If your co-parent wants a different custody and parenting time arrangement than you, your negotiations could devolve into emotional battlegrounds.

To minimize and maybe even prevent possible obstacles from disrupting your divorce, it helps to have experienced legal guidance. This can empower you to proactively protect yourself and your children if your divorce takes a turn towards conflict.